Soroush Ebrahimi

Soroush Ebrahimi – Our Treasurer

Born in 1949 in Iran, Soroush showed an early interest in biology and zoology and things medical. However, when he arrived in UK aged 16 he faced major language difficulties and after a year had to drop biology so that he could concentrate on physics, chemistry and mathematics. This meant that he could not study medicine at university.

Soroush studied Paper Science at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). He then followed this with a post graduate diploma in Production Management and worked in the paper industry until 1982. He then formed his own exporting company and concentrated on that.

In 1991, purely by chance he saw BBC2’s QED programme which showed how effective homeopathy was and that its action was real and not due to the placebo effect. He then attended two evening class courses and was then guided by his tutor to attend the London School of Classical Homeopathy, where he was impressed by the teachings of Sheilagh Creasy. Having finished his second year, the turn of events forced him to be in Iran for two years. Whilst in Iran he managed to attend courses there and to keep up with his studies. Once back in UK, he switched to the London College of Classical Homeopathy and in his final year was supervised by Sheilagh Creasy for a number of his college cases.

After graduation in 1999 he has spent much time promoting homeopathy both by delivering lectures or writing articles for the press. He continues his study of homeopathy by attending lectures whenever possible and especially Sheilagh Creasy’s Master Classes.

He says he will do anything to promote homeopathy! So when the opportunity arose to assist with the Ghana Project to enable Homeopathy to be taught and practised in Ghana, he pledged his full support because it is an opportunity to make a vast difference to the general health of a population by offering effective and importantly cheap medicine.