Sheila Ryan

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Sheila Ryan is the Seva village clinics co-ordinator for the Ghana Homeopathy Project.

I love to work with the project, and especially with the team in Seva because I can be of real service here for a while. A homeopathic approach to supervision and learning homeopathy through supervised clinical practice are contributions that can make a difference. The Seva clinic team are gradually integrating an appropriate use of homeopathy into the general and midwife clinics through supervised practice and clinical tutorials.

The Seva clinics include health education and clean water in their provision of basic health services. AMURT International clean water project in the Seva region initiated the clinic development. ( see links) It is this inclusive, sustainable approach to social and individual health and well being, developed by the water project, which gives the Seva clinics such exciting potential.

The GHP values local medicine and seeks to support and work alongside herbal and traditional medicine approaches as well as allopathy. The aim is to see how homeopathy can best make a contribution and then to see how we can support the clinical education of Ghanaian homeopaths who want to practice in integrated clinics to reach the poorest people in cities and villages.