Ghana Team Member

Bonsu Boaten

Bonsu Boaten, Kumasi

Bonsu in the libraryI now live in Kumasi, Ghana where I am a teacher and manager at the Montessori School . Alongside education, my other great love is homeopathy. I lived in the UK for 20 years and was educated there. When I had some health problems I consulted a homeopath, who gave me Lycopodium. The very next day, all the eczema I’d had as a child returned.

The eczema remained for 10 days, and after that all my health problems improved. It made me feel that this homeopathy is wonderful. I began to read more and studied at the College of Homeopathy, London for 1 year, after which I continued my training with the British Institute of Homeopathy. I thought, “Homeopathy is so cost effective; it is the medicine I want to take to Ghana!”

I met Mel Dupres (Ghana Homeopathy Project volunteer homeopath) as a patient, after seeing an advertisement for the Ghana Homeopathy Project clinic in Accra. My son had been having bad attacks of asthma, and after Mel gave him Pulsatilla he became completely better. I then invited Mel to Kumasi. I said I’d organize a clinic and put an advertisement on the radio and informed friends. 20 people came that weekend and many of them had good improvements as a result of their treatment. Now I am working with Ghana Homeopathy Project. I really share the vision that homeopathy can become accessible to all in Ghana.

Those of us on the ground, interested in establishing homeopathy in Ghana, need some help especially in the level of expertise. Any investment made now, financial resources or training opportunities, will multiply and bear very good fruits.

This is an opportune time to bring homeopathy to Ghana because people understand the need for a gentle, cost effective means of treatment, on the governmental and personal level.