Volunteering in Ghana

A Worthwhile Experience

• Make a real difference by helping people in Ghana with homeopathy
• Visit our outreach clinics in Accra and Kumasi, as well as in rural areas of Ghana
• Gain hands-on experience in treating both acute and chronic conditions
• Meet local people and experience the Ghanaian way of life
• Enjoy sight-seeing – or just a day at the beach

We offer supervision to students or newly qualified practitioners. More experienced practitioners will also be invited to help with clinical training and the continuing professional development of Ghanaian homeopaths.Seeing clients at the clinic in Accra
As the Ghana Homeopathy Project is a small charity relying on donations, we seek to cover our costs by asking volunteers to pay a contributory fee for participation in the programme. Previous volunteers have commented that they felt enriched and inspired by their experience, on a professional and personal level. Placements can be arranged for the duration of two weeks or more and the project will also continue to need long-term volunteers. The GHP team will be offering recruitment and induction sessions in the course of the year.

Calling experienced homeopaths for long term volunteering!

We are especially seeking experienced homeopaths who can stay for longer periods and offer guidance and supervision to our homeopathic students in Ghana as well as supporting our less experienced volunteers.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Angelika Metzger or Linda Shannon for a preliminary chat. See the contacts page on this website. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The sobolo is tasting fresh and strong

Here in Ghana, where the sun is so strong and reliable, we continue to work towards helping people with homeopathy in an environment that is not nearly as reliable as Mother Nature. Everyday provides new challenges in one way or another; some days there is no running water, others there is no electricity for hours at a time. What does seem to be consistent, however, is the positive feedback from the patients that we are seeing in the clinic.
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