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by Julian Jonas Night had already fallen when the motorcycle slowly puttered up to the clinic.  It was during the periodic “lights out” that beset the village every 72 hours or thereabouts, so electricity had been shut down until dawn. I would learn that patients often arrived at the clinic in this manner, sandwiched between the […]

Teaching and learning surging ahead in Kumasi

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Teaching over the internet The last few months we have seen a fruitful collaboration in teaching between our trained teachers of homeopathy, such as Rebecca Sturgeon, Jane Parkin, Angie Metzger, Jo Morgan, Jacqueline Smith, linda Shannon, Lyn Clark, and Dion Tabrett, and the Kumasi group of students under the tutelage of Bonsu Boaten. Regular webinars […]

Award for Ghana Homeopathy Project for their client audit at Mafi Seva rural clinics

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The ‘Making Cases Count’ initiative The ‘Making Cases Count’ initiative was created in order to bring about a culture where easily understood, trusted and salient information is regularly made available to all stakeholders in homeopathy. The Making Cases Count initiative supports, guides and incentives homeopaths to collect routine data with the aim of bringing about […]

Grace at Pisham library

Visiting the Ghana Homeopathy Project May 29th – June 11th 2014

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By Jaqueline A. Smith Mafi Seva Chaperoned on the hot, sweaty and crammed ‘tro tro’ by PISHAM students Noble and Wisdom, we eventually made it to Mafi Seva, passing village after village of mud and breezeblock dwellings. The inhabitants, busy washing clothes or pounding cassava as we passed, always stopped to wave, smile and offer […]

Homeopathic experiences in Ghana – Ingrid Daniels

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THE GHANA HOMEOPATHY PROJECT In September this year (2013) I, together with a group of three other experienced homeopaths and two doctor homeopaths from India went to Mafi Seva’s homeopathic clinic and five other outreach clinics to treat local people with homeopathy. We always have an amazing, stimulating and rewarding experience when in this Lower […]

Study trip to Ghana, September 2013: What an inspiring trip it was!

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Never a dull moment! Angelika Metzger The recent study trip organised by GHP team member Angie Metzger was inspiring and enriching for all participants. Our lecturers and clinicians, Drs. Kalyan and Kalisankar Bhattachareya from Kolkata/India, and a small group of UK homoeopaths travelled to Ghana and reached Mafi-Seva, a rural village in the lower Volta […]

Some images of Martin Gbafa in India

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Martin Gbafa, student of Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine (PISHAM), won an award to study homeopathy in India. The award which is offered to PISHAM’s students annually was kindly donated by Belgian homeopath An Debyser. The study took place in Kolkata February 2013 under the auspices of renowned Drs Bhattacharyea, who have […]