How you can help

Monthly donations, however small, are the bedrock of most of what we are able to do in Ghana. You can also give one off donations, and in memoriam.

To set up a regular donation to Ghana Homeopathy Project from your bank or building society account, download this donation form below which has details for Standing Orders and one off Donations by cheque.

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Donating in cash or kind

For online donations we use JustGiving which is safe and convenient. Donate by going to our JustGiving page.

If you have an idea for a fund raising activity, it is very easy to set it up as a page on JustGiving and link it to Ghana Homeopathy Project’s JustGiving page.

Good quality homeopathic books are welcome. Contact us if you have some to give.

Volunteering can be for you
Volunteering can be for you


Are you a homeopath looking for an inspiring break from regular practice? Then you can volunteer with us. All you need is a reasonable amount of clinic and/or teaching experience under your belt, and a keenness on exploring the African experience of homeopathy. Get in touch now to find out more. Please note that at this time (Summer/autumn 2018) we can support volunteers to cover travel costs if needed.


Click here to read what some of our volunteers have said about their volunteering experience with GHP.

Women’s life stories from a Ghanaian village clinic

Welcome to Volta Voices

” Strong and vibrant, Volta Voices will make you want to hear more, and want you to make life offer different and better choices” Jackie Kay Scottish Makar, from her foreword to Volta Voices.

This book of women’s life stories from a village clinic in the Volta region is sold in support of the Hope Bicycle Depot which loans bikes and the Hope small loans collective which loans small monies to women traders to both set up in business, grow business and stay healthy and well as traders.

Women in the villages trade from trays carried on their heads. This can cause injury and chronic health problems for women who carry heavy loads, daily, over long distances. So, the Hope Bicycle Depot loans bikes to women traders so that they can lighten the load and travel greater distances to trade.

Small loans from banks are expensive. The Hope small loans collective is administered by local women with the support of Emperor, co-author of Volta Voices and Director of the Hope Homeopathic Health Centre in Mafi Kumasi, to enable more women to break out of poverty and into small trading enterprise and existing traders to develop their businesses. The motto is co-operation and self sufficiency.


Here is the Volta Voices blogspot –

As it is a blog spot you can write on it in support and share it with networks… All of the details for buying the book are on it now (and below)

Volta Voices is available by post from Send your address then donate a minimum of £13 ( £10 plus £3 p and p) at:- in order to receive your copy. You can also send a cheque to GHP c/o 223 Church Ope Road Portland Dorset DT5 1JA

Completed fund raising: Pan Africa Conference

This fund raising effort, and the conference it supported, was a success. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who participated and donated generously

– The Ghana Homeopathy Project Team
This below is an archive of an action which is COMPLETED

A unique opportunity has arisen

just givingA unique opportunity has arisen for delegates from the Ghana Homeopathy Project to attend the Pan-African homeopathy conference in Kwale, Kenya in May 2012. This is a great opportunity to share experiences and contribute views regarding the value of homeopathy across the African continent. Continue reading Completed fund raising: Pan Africa Conference

Justgiving fundraising page for Emperor

A successful fund raising drive

This fund raising archived below resulted in more than £700 collected and enabled Emperor to attend training in India in Jan/Feb this year.

A great big thank you to all who contributed – We couldn’t do it without you!

— archived message —

I recently returned from Ghana.

Emperor – For further homeopathic studies

I was much inspired by our trainee homeopath and clinical director of the Mafi-Seva Community Health Centre, Emperor. A small team of homeopaths and 15 of our Ghanaian students joined to offer homeopathic treatment to the rural communities of the lower Volta region. We saw over 400 patients, some with acute presentations and many suffering from chronic complaints. Many good results have been reported and new patients are arriving daily at the Mafi-Seva Community Health Centre. Continue reading Justgiving fundraising page for Emperor

Homeopathy Books for Ghana

Angie and Bonsu prepare a big shipment of books to Ghana
Angie and Bonsu prepare a big shipment of books to Ghana

This summer (2010) we were able to send over 1,000 homeopathic books to Ghana. Some of these will form the first homeopathic libraries in Ghana The others, especially Repertories and Materia Medicas have been distributed to our Ghanaian students. These books are not available to buy in Ghana so the students are delighted to receive them. Thank you to all in the homeopathic community who have generously donated books and educational materials.

The Value of Your Donations

10 pounds one month can provide ongoing homeopathic treatment for a family of 5

25 pounds per month can give a students a fully supportive bursary for an accredited 2 year diploma course in Accra to gain a  qualification in homeopathy

A 25 pounds donation can pay for a set of essential books for homeopathic students

A 25 pound donation can pay for an essential starter remedy kit  to start practising Continue reading The Value of Your Donations


Can You Help?

We urgently need more funding to support our rapidly expanding work. A standing order of just £5 a month can provide ongoing homeopathic treatment for a family of five. This in turn can mean lives saved, children thriving and people back to work. Contact us for standing order and bank details. Download a standing order form here: [wpdm_file id=2]

Please get in touch if you would like to help in any way. Donations of homeopathic books, equipment and remedies are welcomed.


Are you an experienced homeopath? Volunteer your time! Volunteers experienced in homeopathy, teaching and supervision are needed to help for longer or shorter periods in Ghana.

News from Seva

By Sheila Ryan, Seva Coordinator

A big thank-you to everyone for your donations to the Ghana Homeopathy Project. In Seva this means we were able to provide a motorbike for the clinic. Emperor and the team can now easily visit the 25 surrounding villages to see patients. Before this, the old truck would break down daily on roads either washed away by the rains or else hard baked into ruts and pits. Fuel costs are down too!
Continue reading News from Seva