How the project began

Group portraitHow the project began
The Ghana Homeopathy Project developed as a result of an exploratory visit to Ghana by UK homeopath Linda Shannon in 2006. Having worked and studied in India, where homeopathic clinics and colleges are spread throughout the country, Linda had first hand experience of the potentially valuable contribution homeopathy can make towards the health care needs of a developing country.

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Autumn 2006

October 17th finds us touching down in Accra, capital of Ghana, knowing that the schedule will be full on. We struggle through the airport with our suitcases full of books, remedies and bottles all donated by friends in the UK. A lot has happened since Linda’s first visit only 5 months ago at the invitation of AMURT Ghana, a local NGO who now supply 25 villages with clean water. The intention then was to introduce homeopathy to their projects.

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