Homeopathy is continuing to expand in Ghana

Kits and books for our latest graduates
Kits and books for our latest graduates

Homeopathy is continuing to expand in Ghana 
building on the great work of all those who have gone before.

From the new GHP coordinator: Lyn Clark

What an enjoyable and fruitful trip I had last Autumn 2017. I was joined, for parts of it, by Louise Ainsworth and Jacqueline Smith. We each visited all three branches of the project: PISHAM College in Accra: Hope Clinic and Hope Study Group in Mafi Kumase, Volta Region; and Kumasi Study Group in Kumasi City, Ashanti Region. And now we have a new branch opening in Kasoa, Accra (West side).

Next month (March 2018), we will start the one-year certificate course again. We have run one each year for the last three years. This year, we will run it in three different regions simultaneously for the first time: Kumasi, Mafi Kumase, and Kasoa, Accra. 
It will be taught locally by Certificate graduates, with a monthly webinar broadcast from the UK.

Last year we took 17 kits out for our latest graduates, kindly donated by Helios Pharmacy. 
It was a joy to award these, along with the certificate and a book to each student graduating from Mafi Kumase (10 graduates) and Kumasi (7 students).

Inspiringly, all the graduates expressed an interest in going on to do the diploma course (to run next year, probably in Accra).


In Kumasi, the KHSG students (Kumasi Homeopathy Study Group) are on track to complete the diploma course next August/September 2018.
This means, in addition to the two graduates from PISHAM College, we will have 7 more diploma graduates launching themselves into practice in Kumasi.

We are building the Kumasi Homeopathy Clinic this year, to launch with the students as they graduate. We decided to wait to build this year to be ready for the graduates becoming practitioners. We have the architectural plans and a project manager and are now looking for land. The more funds we can attract, the more centrally we can place the clinic.

A patient of Emperor’s who he has been treating for fertility. She is currently pregnant hence the laughter and smiles!

Mafi Kumase

In Mafi Kumase, the Hope clinic thrives to provide homeopathic health-care locally, under the great work of Emperor. Their building is impressive, now incorporating the clinic and the Hope Health Centre and training space. Lovely to catch up with Emperor and all that he is up to in Mafi Kumase. He now has a group of certificate graduates who can work at assistant level in the clinic to support him. In time, these graduates will become practitioners to carry on his great work over the last twelve years for the surrounding and local community.


In Accra, PISHAM has said goodbye to Grace Rhomes. We wish her very well in all her endeavors and are grateful for the work she has given to the college over the years. The college, a project independent from GHP, continues in the hands of Julius Berdie, Principal.

So many changes in Ghana Homeopathy Project.
We welcome the new editor of our Newsletter, Louise Ainsworth; and two new trustees, Moira Houston and Jo Morgan, who have taken on the valuable roles of secretary and fund-raiser, respectively.

For myself, I am pleased to have accepted the role of GHP Co-ordinator. I hope to continue to forward homeopathy in Ghana and to work with the project team in as creative and dynamic a way as I am able.

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