My experience in studying homeopathy

by Akosua Afriyie Duku

My experience in studying homeopathy and being mentored by very experienced homeopaths on my diploma course has given me an opportunity to understand the oneness that exists between humans and the environment. We are all connected and depend on each other. Everything we see around, whether edible or not, have something to offer humankind.

Who would have thought
that poison ivy, venom of poisonous snake,
bee stings or disease substances
would have something good to offer?
Through homeopathic dilution,
succussion and trituration,
they become useful.

Through the study of homeopathy, I have learned that there is a balancing mechanism (the vital force) that keeps us in health. When imbalanced there is disease and in its absence, there is death. Homeopathic remedies boost this mechanism to correct the imbalance.

Through my clinical practice with our lead mentors, a 15 year old girl who had skin disease for ten years is healed. An 83 year old man with asthma for 21 years is doing very well. My children and I have also benefited immensely from homeopathy.

I have come to understand that situations make people change and the changes can only be seen through their actions, thoughts, ideas and their affirmations. As a student homeopath, listening to people’s cases and practising case-taking, with the help of our dear experienced mentors and volunteer teachers, has helped me personally to work on my limitations. Homeopathy has helped me to appreciate everything and everyone.

When one pours water on a group of people, their reactions will never be the same. One may cry, one may run and hide, one may express anger and one may laugh and welcome the splash of water. If we were to treat these people, different remedies would be given to each one of them. This makes homeopathy unique. I am entreating all student homeopaths, especially the Kumasi Homeopathy Study Group, to take homeopathy to the highest level. We need our health and it can be found in HOMEOPATHY.

Thank you.

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