Kumasi Homeopathy Study Group is ready to start its permanent student clinic!

The clinic will be launched in November this year during Lyn’s next trip to Ghana.

A dedicated building will be created to house the clinic, the library, the pharmacy and training.

And it looks like a building has been found!!

Requiring a bit of TLC and a lot of decoration, the building was previously an allopathic clinic but has stood empty for 7 years. In June, Bonsu, Akosua and Lyn opened the front doors, after 2 years of not having been opened at all, amongst all the cobwebs and dust. A great moment.

It is a beautiful space right in the centre of the city so the greatest diversity of people will pass the door daily. This is what we all want. To make homeopathy available for everyone.

The building’s very central position makes it a great launching place to put homeopathy firmly on the map in Kumasi.

On stepping in to the building you enter an atrium leading to at least two consultation rooms, another room large enough to hold training and the library and a tiny room that can be dedicated to the pharmacy.

The atrium will allow us to open a small juice bar and sell a few remedies and a few other products. The veranda will be a great place for people to sit and sip their juice. We will secure the building for 3 years, during that time we can plan how to continue moving forward.

Everyone in Kumasi is excited about this next phase and about their finally becoming homeopathic practitioners.

Upstairs there is an apartment where we can host volunteers and visitors. It really is a building that can meet all our needs.

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