Women’s life stories from a Ghanaian village clinic

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” Strong and vibrant, Volta Voices will make you want to hear more, and want you to make life offer different and better choices” Jackie Kay Scottish Makar, from her foreword to Volta Voices.

This book of women’s life stories from a village clinic in the Volta region is sold in support of the Hope Bicycle Depot which loans bikes and the Hope small loans collective which loans small monies to women traders to both set up in business, grow business and stay healthy and well as traders.

Women in the villages trade from trays carried on their heads. This can cause injury and chronic health problems for women who carry heavy loads, daily, over long distances. So, the Hope Bicycle Depot loans bikes to women traders so that they can lighten the load and travel greater distances to trade.

Small loans from banks are expensive. The Hope small loans collective is administered by local women with the support of Emperor, co-author of Volta Voices and Director of the Hope Homeopathic Health Centre in Mafi Kumasi, to enable more women to break out of poverty and into small trading enterprise and existing traders to develop their businesses. The motto is co-operation and self sufficiency.


Here is the Volta Voices blogspot – voltavoices.com

As it is a blog spot you can write on it in support and share it with networks… All of the details for buying the book are on it now (and below)

Volta Voices is available by post from info@sheilaryan.co.uk. Send your address then donate a minimum of £13 ( £10 plus £3 p and p) at:- https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Ghana-Homeopathy-Project-Bike-Depot in order to receive your copy. You can also send a cheque to GHP c/o 223 Church Ope Road Portland Dorset DT5 1JA

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  1. The next Book Reading is at Cycleccino Bike and coffee shop on Portland in Dorset. Sunday 27th November 11am. Volta Voices has so far raised over £11,000 for the trading women in this area of the Volta region. 100% of funds raised goes to supporting the Hope Bike Depot and Loan scheme. Helping rural trading and farming women means that both their health and wealth improve so that the next generation can look to professional jobs to better their futures and that of the country too. Thank you for your contribution and we have more books to sell in order to maintain and extend the Hope Bicycle Depot and Loan scheme. If you would like to host a fund raising event for The Hope Project please be in touch with me at info@sheilaryan.co.uk

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