Inauguration of Hope Homeopathic Health Clinic


The Alternative Health Provider
By Samuel Komla Tsamenyi (Emperor)

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-19-12-22It has long been my dream to have a centre of this nature to cater for the health needs of the people in my community and the whole Volta region.

This was my hope but due to difficulties finding funding I could not hit my target until this year 2016, when ‘Homeopathy in Africa’ through the Ghana Homeopathy Project (GHP) came to my rescue by providing enough money for the completion of the centre and I’m now very grateful that my dream has yielded such a positive result.

The centre is going to serve several purposes. Firstly, it has many rooms; enough for consulting, a library and also a pharmacy. Secondly, there is also space to accommodate visiting volunteers on both a short or long term basis.

Thirdly, it is also my hope that students will be trained as homeopaths here at the centre in our Lecture Hall; to encourage more people to have a love of homeopathy. There are presently five young men waiting for the green light to start their studies. Hopefully when they finish we can spread the gospel of Homeopathy to many more regions of Ghana.

Bicycle Depot for Women Head Traders

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-18-56-36The centre also serves as a Bicycle Depot for Women Head Traders in the community to help alleviate the various head, neck and spinal symptoms experienced as a result of carrying their heavy loads.

We need to raise more funds for the Bike Depot and the best way to do this is for people to help promote our book of women’s stories, Volta Voices on social media and to host fund raising events, including book sales or readings. If you can help, contact:

There is still much to do at the clinic to make it more welcoming, so I’m making a passionate appeal to GHP supporters to donate whatever they can afford to provide the necessary funds for tables and chairs, ceiling fans for the rooms and other basic but important items such as carpets/linoleum, fencing and shelving for the planned library. You can do this by using the attached Donations form.

Having already helped thousands, I know homeopathy is alive and well. It’s the right choice for the people of my community.

I’m very grateful to the trustees of ‘Homeopathy in Africa’ and their representatives at GHP (with special thanks to 2015 volunteer Julian Jonas for his generous donation) who’ve supported my homeopathic journey over the last ten years and I want to assure them that here in Ghana, homeopathy has come to stay.

Official Opening


Representatives from the Traditional & Alternative Medicine Council (TAMC) were in attendance at the official opening of the HHHC on Thursday 13 th October 2016, including Mr Saviour Kugblenu (on the left) who gave a simplified outline of how homeopathy works, explaining that it is safe and effective.

And Mr Elolo Afeti (on the right) who was deemed Chair of the clinic opening proceedings, gave a very supportive speech asking the community to appreciate the services offered, stating that homeopathy was considered a very useful and welcome alternative choice to allopathy, encouraging everyone to patronise the clinic in order for TAMC to attempt, in the future, including the HHHC in the national health insurance scheme.


Ben Amu is one of the five young men who are hoping to begin studying the proposed certificated course in homeopathy at the Hope Homeopathy Health Clinic (HHHC).

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-19-05-56Ben has been working as Emperor’s homeopathy apprentice since September 2014 though a long-time supporter and contributor to work completed at Mafi Seva prior to this. Having studied construction at Ho Polytechnic, his skills were put to good use for the water tower sponsored by AMURT at Mafi Seva, where he was also was involved building accommodation there. He subsequently supervised construction of the new building during the transition from Mafi Seva Community Clinic to the present location for HHHC at Mafi Kumase.

Ben first came to appreciate the potential of the homeopathic medicine after many years of injections, tablets, creams etc. for a chronic skin eruption (described as like Yaws), but which had all failed to work. He finally approached Emperor who took his case and prescribed ‘ little pills’ which he had no faith in, but decided to try them anyway. Ben reports that thirty minutes after taking the remedy he began to itch all over but the itch soon subsided. Two to three weeks later he had a further sensation of burning all over that also eventually subsided and never returned. Ben has had no recurrence of his skin symptoms for the last eight years since he was given the remedy.

Having HHHC closer to his home village means he is looking forward to being able to study homeopathy without having to travel a long distance.

Despite now being a registered building contractor, he is preparing to finish up all of his current contracts and devote himself full-time to homeopathy. Already people call him about ‘little symptoms’ e.g. diarrhoea, vomiting, snake and scorpion bites etc. and he comments that in his own case- ‘It really worked when allopathy didn’t. It works faster.’

About his forthcoming change of life direction, Ben concludes with a heartfelt sentiment: ‘I’m living the truth now.’

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