Ghana Homeopathy Project 10 years on

10 years on!

An overview by GHP Founder and Mentor Linda Shannon – August 2015

P1080344-258The Ghana Homeopathy Project is now 10 years old and we are realising that another 10 years will probably be needed for our work to become fully self-sustaining!

It has been exciting to watch the project gradually emerge over the years to form our present structure. We now have three independent training centres in Ghana, each uniquely shaped by the interests, enthusiasm and vision of the people involved in Ghana, the UK and internationally.

Mafi Seva

In Mafi Seva village, Emperor Tsamenyi, now a well-trained and experienced homeopath (also director of a Primary Health Care Centre and effective Clean Water Project) is in the process of realising his vision of building a dedicated centre for village based homeopathic learning and treatment. Villagers arrive at Emperor’s present clinic in a steady stream to seek homeopathic treatment, usually on the recommendation of a friend or relative.


In Kasoa, just outside Accra, the Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine runs a 2-year Certificate and a 4-year Diploma of training in Homeopathy. It was a joy to meet the PISHAM students again on my last visit and see how they had grown in their clinical understanding and experience. A new training clinic has been opened in a deprived district of Accra, an area affected by the recent fire and flood that claimed many lives.

New course in Kumasi

Very exciting is the launch of a one-off 4-year course in Kumasi – the vision of our Ghana partner Bonsu Boaten and UK based homeopath Lyn Clark – to train local people by means of both face to face teaching and via internet-based learning. To run regular Webinars in a country where it is ‘lights off’ (no electricity) almost a third of the time is no mean achievement. Each student has a UK mentor and the clinics are offering homeopathy at low cost.  The Webinars have been a big breakthrough in our ability to transfer the knowledge of homeopathy.

Ehi outreach clinic with Dr Kalishankar Bhattacharyya
Ehi outreach clinic with Dr Kalishankar Bhattacharyya

International links

We have been able to send six volunteer homeopaths to Ghana and to continue our program of training courses in Kolkata, with the Drs Bhattacharyya.
We have sent three shipments of homeopathic books and remedies to Ghana over the last year, enough to give the essential textbooks to our students and to create substantial libraries in each of the three centres.


As a Project, we are committed to research and monitoring the effectiveness of our work. Thanks to a grant from the Homeopathic Research Institute, we are conducting a study into the efficacy of homeopathy for the mental health and well being of our clients based at Mafi Seva clinic. The first stage is coming to an end now, so analysis can begin and the research evaluation proper can commence in a few months time.

Our team

This has been a year of both consolidation and expansion. Our team has gained tremendously in capacity. We have two new committed members: Jacqueline Smith as Project Coordinator based in Ghana, and Lyn Clark as Kumasi Co-coordinator. Some of the Ghana students are taking a more active role as well. Hundreds of people, many experiencing financial hardship and inadequate health care, have benefitted from homeopathic treatment from professionally trained homeopaths.

Are we succeeding in the goal of helping homeopathy to take root in Ghana with all the benefits it brings to enhance health care options for people in need?
After a decade of hard work, sharing our passion for homeopathy with our Ghana partners, I can confidently answer yes.

Our vision for the next ten years is to make the Project fully self-sustaining and Ghana led. We will then have a complete and equal exchange of homeopathic knowledge and Ghana will be an emerging presence on the map of countries where homeopathy is an established health care option for its people.

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