Teaching and learning surging ahead in Kumasi

Teaching over the internet

The last few months we have seen a fruitful collaboration in teaching between our trained teachers of homeopathy, such as Rebecca Sturgeon, Jane Parkin, Angie Metzger, Jo Morgan, Jacqueline Smith, linda Shannon, Lyn Clark, and Dion Tabrett, and the Kumasi group of students under the tutelage of Bonsu Boaten.

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Regular webinars

The team run, with the technical help of Peter Jadinge and others, online webinars that allow at a distance for face to face teaching replete with Q&A sessions between tutor and students.

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A whole system of mentoring has been set up by Lyn Clark helped by others, so to guarantee that all students can get the full benefit of quality teaching and make full progress in their homeopathy studies.

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