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Award for Ghana Homeopathy Project for their client audit at Mafi Seva rural clinics

The ‘Making Cases Count’ initiative

The ‘Making Cases Count’ initiative was created in order to bring about a culture where easily understood, trusted and salient information is regularly made available to all stakeholders in homeopathy. The Making Cases Count initiative supports, guides and incentives homeopaths to collect routine data with the aim of bringing about a culture where a significant proportion of homeopaths collect routine data from their patients in a format which will then be able to be transformed (i.e. anonymised, summarised and counted).

With the support of Homeopathy Action Trust, Ghana Homeopathy Project undertook to record data using the MYMOP outcome measure to capture the patient’s voice. Below is a summary of the results that were later entered into the MYMOP Awards competition.

Emperor treating patient

Certificate and prize for GHP’s Linda Shannon and Angelika Metzger

Ghana Homeopathy Project (GHP) has been providing free/low cost homeopathic treatment to people in Ghana since 2005. In 2012 a routine data collection system was initiated and piloted in GHP clinics. Patients reported the symptoms that bothered them the most using the Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile (MYMOP) form and homeopaths provided a ‘homeopathic diagnosis’.

Forms were completed from a total of 326 patients who had sought help from GHP-supported homeopaths during a 9.5 months window (17/11/2012 to 5/9/2013).

Of those patients for whom forms were completed, just over half (53.1%) were female, and the mean age of these patients was 40 years (range 2 to 100 years old).

Homeopaths reported 597 diverse ‘homeopathic diagnoses’ for the 326 patients. 29% of patients reported some form of ‘pain’ (e.g. ‘back pain’). Mental and emotional symptoms (depression, anxiety, etc.) accounted for around 8% of all homeopaths’ ‘clinical diagnoses’ and 10% of all symptoms reported by patients on the MYMOP forms. Around four fifths (79%, 256/326) of patients reported taking some form of medication at the time of their consultation.

This is the first audit of the work of GHP in Ghana. Both homeopaths’ and patients’ perspectives are reported which is an important strength of this dataset. This pilot demonstrated that it is possible to set up a routine data collection system at GHP-supported clinics.

Researcher and homeopath Ingrid Daniels accepting the prize on behalf of Ghana Homeopathy Project
Researcher and homeopath Ingrid Daniels accepting the prize on behalf of Ghana Homeopathy Project

The first MCC Awards competition were judged by MYMOP team of experts chaired by Honorary Professor of Health Services Research, Professor Kate Thomas (University of Sheffield), ​Dr Clare Relton (University of Sheffield)​, Kate Chatfield (University of Central Lancashire)and Miranda Castro (Homeopath USA).

GHP’s Angie Metzger and Linda Shannon were among the runners-up, gaining a certificate and prize of £50.00. If the homeopaths involved in Ghana Homeopathy would have been all fully registered GHP would have been in the running for one of the top prizes. Read the details here:!rewards/c170

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