Training Homeopaths in Ghana

Thank_you_HeliosThe Ghana Homeopathy Project supports the Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine (PISHAM) based at North Kaneshie, Greater Accra, sending international lecturers, books and medicines to help train homeopaths in Ghana


The Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative medicine (PISHAM) in Ghana. This school is a new and exciting educational environment offering a Diploma in Homeopathic Studies to an internationally recognised standard.
Its mentor institution is the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in the UK, who are the awarding body for our Diploma in Homeopathic Studies.

The school developed as a result of demand for a professional course in homeopathy in Ghana, following a long history of short courses, run by qualified homeopaths from overseas.

The vision is to offer people from Ghana (and elsewhere), the opportunity to become qualified homeopaths, with the potential to advance homeopathy as a viable primary healthcare service in Ghana.

The ethos is to provide an educational experience that motivates students and encourages a spirit of collaboration and co-operation among all invested in the development of the school and homeopathy in Ghana.

We also support the Kumasi Homeopathy Study Group (KHSG) further north in Kumasi, who run a one year First-Aid & Acute illness certificated course which, for those students with the commitment and passion to continue, can advance to the four year diploma course as at PISHAM.

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