Homeopathic experiences in Ghana – Ingrid Daniels


In September this year (2013) I, together with a group of three other experienced homeopaths and two doctor homeopaths from India went to Mafi Seva’s homeopathic clinic and five other outreach clinics to treat local people with homeopathy.

Homeopathic_clinic_at_Mafi_SevaWe always have an amazing, stimulating and rewarding experience when in this Lower Volta region of Ghana. However, it is a two-way experience; we benefit from being there as much as the patients do. But it is quite apparent that without the funds raised by way of donations, regular or one-off, things would not always be like this. We need to replace remedies, continue the training programme and send or take the very generous donations of books, instruments, computers etc that we receive from time to time. The most important aspect of this project is having a regular ‘income’ for this non-profit organisation.

In Mafi Seva there is a well-qualified Ghanaian homeopath called Emperor, who was trained through the Ghana Homeopathy Project. The charity set up a homeopathic clinic there that Emperor manages. Emperor coordinates visits from other homeopathic volunteers, mainly from the UK and Europe, throughout the year. He organises their visits to Mafi Seva and outreach clinics as well as visits to the local markets and the local water project (which he also manages). One is made to feel very welcome at Mafi Seva and all of one’s needs are catered for.

The clinic now attracts many patients, some coming from half a day’s journey away to be seen by Emperor, as he has a reputation for having many excellent successes with his treatments. We are fortunate to have him. His training was continued by attending courses in Kolkata where the two homeopathic doctors practise and teach.

image007A homeopathic college, called PISHAM, was set up in Accra with the help of the Ghana Homeopathy Project and other donors. The project aims to train local homeopaths so that they can take over and sustain the school and clinics. When volunteers come from the UK they also do a few days of teaching at PISHAM, which further enriches their learning.

Ghana is a place with which to fall in love and the work that is possible to do there as a homeopath only enhances this experience!

Ingrid Daniels     RSHom

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