It’s all in the development of good intention

I planted a seed and I watched it grow
I will never know
How from a seed so small
It got so tall
It climbed up the stick I’d stuck in the ground
Up it went
Round and round and round
Until it seemed it would never stop
And when it finally reached the top
It flowered red
My mum said ‘ that those will be beans’
Do you know she was right
We had them for dinner tonight

Well I’m not sure about mums and beans, but the roots of the visionary seed, for a homeopathic school in Ghana seems to have taken hold. Round and round, and up and down we’ve gone, pulled this way and that way by demands that developmental work demands. Uncertain that it (we) would survive, and sometimes still, will we survive ( I feel a song coming on!).

A year of dramatic change

We moved premises, increased roles and responsibilities, (there’s only two of us here!), packed and unpacked boxes, hid the frantic behind the scene drama, as much as we could from our students and public and kept ‘business as usual.’ Phew! And then it flowered…, well maybe not a red flower and still not about mums and beans, but significant as in the midst of all this, our first cohort of students successfully completed their Foundation Certificate in Classical Homeopathy. Hooray! ( more about that in the GHP newsletter). Then came generous donations of land and finances to start the process of building a permanent campus for our school. Stunning!

So in spite of the tears, exhaustion, desire to throw in the towel, unable to write my blog!, it is worth all the effort, the drive, commitment and good intention, ETCETERA. So here we are and here I am, in development, me developing personally too and its all great.

Until it seemed it would never stop and when it finally reached the top …………………………….. But until then, will help you to follow our journey.

Apologies for being off my blog for a while!

Now I can hear....

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