The Value of Your Donations

10 pounds one month can provide ongoing homeopathic treatment for a family of 5

25 pounds per month can give a students a fully supportive bursary for an accredited 2 year diploma course in Accra to gain a  qualification in homeopathy

A 25 pounds donation can pay for a set of essential books for homeopathic students

A 25 pound donation can pay for an essential starter remedy kit  to start practising

20 pounds can pay for the provision of a 2 day introductory course in homeopathic first aid.

5 pounds can support the purchase of a homeopathic first aid kit

50 pounds a month can maintain our planned library and resource centre in Kumasi

150 pounds can pay for the a year’s regular provision of a homeopathic clinic in a remote village

150 pounds will buy a full set of 300 medicating potencies from India for our outreach clinics

300 pounds a year will pay for the upkeep of a mobile clinic to travel to remote areas

1000 pounds will by an infant incubator for Mafi Seva village maternity unit

One thought on “The Value of Your Donations”

  1. Hi. Thrilled to find your site. My partner and i have initiated a fledgling cd project in the Volta region and I would love to find out more about your work. Right now I’m on the hunt for some thuja and wondering if u know where I might get some? In cape coast at the moment but heading for keta in Volta the week after next. Cheers Santha

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