Student feedback Richard’s class

From: Richard Pitt
Date: 19 June 2010
Subject: student feedback

Hi All,

here are some comments, and photo of the students.

Richard's Homeopathic Students

Emmanuel G Arthur

My experience in the class has really given great relief and a light thrown on all I am practicing as an apprentice homeopath.



Martin Kwadzo Gbafa

I am happy to be part of the homeopathic way of treating people. My little knowledge after the introduction has made me know the difference. “A world without homeopathy is like a plant without a principal root.”


Dr Kwaku Boakye-Yiadom

The course has been very useful and I really grateful to the organizers and those who sponsored the project. I indeed look forward for such courses in the future. Thank you lecturer Richard.


Alice Bubu Kudulo

Richard has been a very dynamic lecturer in homeopathy. He could teach for many housers in a day. He also helps explain things into detail. He is very patient with his students and also understanding. Within the months of February and June 2010, he has been able to take us through a lot of lessons in homeopathy. We, his students will be missing him so much because of his understanding and support equipping us to become good practitioners. We are grateful to everyone who through diverse ways supported this project. I would like to make this humble appeal that if there is a way to bring Mr Richard Pitt back on this homeopathy project with much financial support to see this homeopathic training institute in Ghana gaining ground, I would be grateful and I believe the Good Lord shall through many diverse ways reward you also.

To Mr Richard Pitt, make Ghana your second home if possible and see this good work you began stgay and become a very great institution. God richly bless you. We appreciate and love you.


Pastor Charles Yao Abnyigbanu

Homeopathy to me has proven to be direct to my heart for the remedy for unsolved problems we have in Ghana


Murari SawaDogo

I am so grateful about the Ghana Homeopathy Project. It is wonderful to specifically have Richard as a teacher. i hope to see this continue. A big thanks to everyone who made this program possible.


Philip Kpogo

Homeopathy is a natural system of healing which has proven and helped me personally. It can correct all things in the human system. The program is a very good way to learn homeopathy. We are hoping to expand the system in Ghana and to help the healing of suffering mankind because a service to mankind is a service to God. Thanks to the Ghana Homeopathy Project team.


Dr Martin Afedo

Homeopathy is a holistic approach to help solve many people’s diseases. We need patience to understand the homeopathic approach. I now understand better how to choose remedies for people with many conditions.


Rita Ama Afful

Homeopathy is a very good system and it will soon stand tall in the world. RichardPitt was my first teacher and he is very good. He is kind and friendly with the students. We want him back in Ghana.


Bernice Adanuti

My time with Richard was very perfect and I am very grateful to be with him as a teacher. Things that I didn’t understand in homeopathy was well explained to me and my understanding became better. I wish he will be back soon to continue with us. I will be missing him.

Important Disclaimer:


Let it be understood that the feedback of these students in no way constitute proof or witness of proof that Homeopathy will work in any specific health condition. Cure or amelioration depend on many factors, of which Homeopathy practiced by a well trained practitioner could be one.



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