by Grace DaSilva-Hill, Treasurer (no longer in post -ed)

As I write this on a sunny autumn afternoon in south London, listening to the radio at the end of another week of financial doom and gloom, I am reminded of how lucky we are in the west.

Mary is a street trader in Accra, selling sobolo drink which she makes herself. She came to our clinic after a complicated labour led to cessation of her periods.

She was terrified of another pregnancy, which was affecting her marriage. Tears quietly rolled down her cheeks as she started to describe, mainly in English but with some help from the translator, how things had become so difficult for her and her family. Mary had to be persuaded to come to the clinic as she felt she could not afford to pay two cedis (approx. 50 pence) to see the homeopath.

Visiting my homeopath in the UK, I can pay the full fee and on the way there I may meet with a friend for a coffee and cake. How much is coffee and cake? There is probably not much change out of a fiver. £5.00 is the cost of homeopathic treatment for Mary, her husband and their three children for one month.

We receive half of our income from monthly standing orders and direct debits. The other half comes from one-off donations. As a registered UK charity, also registered with HMRC to receive Gift Aid, anyone in the world can donate directly to us through

One homeopath did just that in October, when he ran a marathon and nominated our charity to receive donations from his supporters. Another supporter kindly asked her birthday guests to donate to the project, rather than giving her presents.

If you would like your family and friends to hear about our project we will be happy to give a presentation, which was what happened in Guernsey recently – and what a successful evening it was! Thank you to all those wonderful people.

You may have other fundraising ideas, or wish to volunteer some of your time. We need people who can spare a few hours once or twice a year to help us with our accounts, for example, or help with editing our case videos And we have not given up the idea of getting a London black cab to use in Accra as a mobile clinic. Please contact me with your ideas. (See contact page on this website)

To donate to Ghana Homeopathy Project regularly from your bank or building society account, download your own standing order form here: [wpdm_file id=2]

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