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A satisfied patient


Pastor John called me on the phone about a forty year old woman Sabia, who was diagnosed on ultrasound of having fibroids and needed surgery.

Bleeding was one of her symptoms and pain and a dragging down sensation in the lower abdomen for two years. We decided Sepia could be the right remedy due to the dragging down sensation along with her other symptoms. We therefore gave her 200C potency, one three times a day for 1 week. Four days after, this women delivered four big lumps lthe size of a tennis ball and other smaller blood clots. Due to the pains at that instant we gave her Arnica 200C single dose only and this woman who people thought to be pregnant has a flat abdomen now.

2 thoughts on “A satisfied patient

  1. surgery is needed in the homeopathic treatment of fibroid.Because,ectomyoma for instance can not be expelled per vagina.

  2. Uterine polyps are usually one of the causes of such bleeding, it shrinks and drops off if the blood supply is cut off.

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