Training Homeopaths in Ghana


Education is an important aspect of the Ghana Homeopathy Project. We now work together with Ghanaian homeopath Julius Berdie, who several years ago was trained by the group Homeopaths Without Borders, and was delighted that homeopaths were again visiting Ghana.

Ghana Homeopathy Project runs seminars for trained homeopaths with a regular attendance of around 10-15 people. This is the first time in many years that the few existing Ghanaian homeopaths have got the opportunity to upgrade their skills or gain access to books and remedies, and our efforts have been greatly appreciated by TAMD, the government department responsible for traditional and alternative medicine.

New ventures are already in the pipeline – in coordination with Homeopaths Without Borders we are planning a diploma course to train professional homeopaths in Ghana, and a research project to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of homeopathy in the developing world.

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