Back to Ghana again


I returned to Ghana in September after one year. This time Ghana felt like a second home – we have made so many friends and contacts there.

The first clinic we attended was Chokor in Accra itself. Eben, a formal student of homeopathy with the UK based Alternative Training programme, sat in and translated. We set up our desk in a community hall and rows of chairs were set out for the clients. Within an hour about twenty people were waiting to be seen. One woman in her 60s had returned for follow up after three months. She had suffered severe aches and pains all over her body which prevented her from working normally. This all began after the death of her husband. After a single dose of Natrum Muriaticum 1M, the pains had completely disappeared and were only now returning though with less severity. I repeated the dose.

The next day we went to Ashiaman, a settlement outside Accra where villagers come to live from the Volta region. Adu came in with severe pains in the chest and difficulty in breathing resulting from an accident six years earlier, when she was pinned down by a heavy piece of wood falling from a lorry. Adu’s work requires her to carry heavy loads, but she was unable to do it. Arnica IM was given.

One of the things I aimed to do during my trip was to evaluate the work of the last year. I think we are well on the way to achieving the goals of the project – to provide cheap, effective health care for those who most need it and to support the development of Ghanaian homeopaths through education and clinical training. My overwhelming feeling was that our project had grown and matured and was being recognized and respected by our partners. At the end of her visit I felt deeply satisfied. Already hundreds of villagers and slum dwellers had received homeopathic treatment and the numbers are growing. The results are very inspiring, Our training programmes are well attended and really appreciated. We are beginning to make a real difference.”

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