Case reports from Emperor

At the clinic

74 year old woman is brought to the clinic after midnight on the back of a truck from a village fifteen miles away. She is in terrible pain from urine retention.

Her bladder is very large and looks as if it’s about to bust. I give her Causticum 30 and advise her companions to take her to the hospital, as I am not confident in my prescription as a beginning homeopath. They have just loaded her back onto the truck, when she needs to pass water! In half an hour they are back at the clinic as the woman does not want to leave again until she is sure there will be no relapse. She is well to this day.

A seventeen year old girl is brought to the clinic bleeding from her nose and coughing blood. She has fallen from a tall Mango tree and hit her head and chest on the ground. She complains of headache, chest pains and is very restless. I feel confused as most of her family are there crying. I send them to sit under the trees in the compound and give her a dose of Arnica 1M for the fall and to gain time to think. She falls asleep. I keep a check on her and after an hour she wakes up. Her headache, pain, nose bleed and restlessness are all gone – thanks to the miracle of homeopathy.

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