How the project began

Group portraitHow the project began
The Ghana Homeopathy Project developed as a result of an exploratory visit to Ghana by UK homeopath Linda Shannon in 2006. Having worked and studied in India, where homeopathic clinics and colleges are spread throughout the country, Linda had first hand experience of the potentially valuable contribution homeopathy can make towards the health care needs of a developing country.

Linda was invited to Ghana by friends working in the area of sustainable development in Mafi Seva village in the Volta region, and also to teach a homeopathic first aid course in Accra. The response of people in the village was beyond expectations, and the group attending the first aid course were keen to learn more about this relatively unknown (in Ghana) form of medicine.
Further trips followed, as the group in Accra grew, and Emperor – primary health care worker at Mafi Seva Community clinic, became increasingly interested to study and practice homeopathy.
From these early beginnings, made possible only by a few inspired donations, the Ghana Homeopathy Project has grown. The project is now managed by a team of 4 UK homeopaths, with a project co-ordinator in Ghana.

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