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Ghana Homeopathy Project

Registered as Homeopathy In Africa (No 1125981), our main objective is the relief and prevention of disease working closely with local community developments and initiatives in Ghana, where we operate.

Further, we support the development of homeopathic education and vocational training facilities together with local Ghanaian partners, in conjunction with established health workers and local practices.
Our vision extends to make homeopathy available to deprived communities as a valid and affordable form of treatment, and to initiate health education.

Our experience

is of homeopathy as a low cost, safe and effective support for restoring health and well being. Homeopathy may have much to offer Ghana as it does already in India, where it’s use is well-established, with a quarter of a million homeopaths, 186 homeopathic medical colleges, and it is the medical system of choice for a large section of the community.

While conventional medicine primarily treats diseases and symptoms, homeopathy and other systems of holistic healing like acupuncture, support people as individuals who are suffering with ill health, disease or lack of wellbeing. The village and urban outreach clinics are working, under supervision, with an integrated approach which includes conventional treatment, nursing care, nutrition and hygiene as well as homeopathy.

We respect

the important contribution of conventional medicine in the provision of health care and recognise that every system of medicine has its strengths. We recommend conventional medications to clients presenting with HIV/AIDS, malaria, sexually transmitted diseases, childhood dysentery, tuberculosis, acute sepsis and some other conditions where the conventional medications are shown to be effective.

We endeavour to contribute and share the best that homeopathy has to offer as an alternative and complementary system. We strive to continue working together in the spirit of co-operation for the ultimate benefit of all.

We work

with the Ghanaian Code of Ethics for Traditional and Alternative Medicine and promote high professional standards. The project contributes to a shared vision of communities provided with heath services which make the best use of existent and emerging health practices. We envisage clinics managed and supported by local people with the aim to become sustainable and self reliant.

We work in partnership with others to offer our contribution to the development of an integrated and accessible health care service in the local area.

We work with midwives, health educators, primary health care workers, doctors, traditional herbalists and healers, government departments and professional associations.

We offer

volunteers, education, supervision, consultancy and professional services, books and remedies to Ghanaians who are interested in learning more about homeopathy. The contribution homeopathy makes to future health provision in Ghana will be decided by Ghanaians. Support is offered freely and in a spirit of research and inquiry

We record and monitor the cases of people treated with homeopathy, by volunteers and by health care workers under supervision, to see what potential benefits this system of health care might bring to a developing country such as Ghana, where there the ratio of doctor to the population is approx 1:10,000.

We are committed to the development of research projects to monitor our effectiveness, both in terms of treatment and cost